HelpAround shows 50% improvement in patient retention – new case study

Facing significant drop-off rates, specialty pharmaceutical manufacturers are turning to HelpAround to address the last mile patient experience. As one of the first mobile health platforms for the $219B specialty drug industry, HelpAround guides patients through complex treatments by streamlining a network of patient services into the palm of each patient’s hand. In a recent study, HelpAround was able to increase user retention rates by 60% and app engagement rates by 55%.

Because specialty patient journeys are so unique, a large part of that improvement comes from HelpAround’s hyper-personalized experience that includes many layers. The customized customer communication, aided by technology from Braze and Neura, adapts and responds to a patient’s individual needs, resulting in higher engagement and retention.

The Right Message at the Right Moment

HelpAround helps patients navigate their path to therapy through News Feed Cards and push notifications, using Neura to understand when to engage and Braze to deliver and personalize the messages. The combination of timely triggers and segments provided by Neura and cross-channel mobile engagement powered by Braze makes HelpAround more helpful—and more valuable—to its users.

“Our top priority is to provide patients with a private, secure concierge experience that fits their individual lives,” said Yishai Knobel, Cofounder and CEO of HelpAround. “HelpAround provides a personalized experience that feels familiar, helpful, and unique to each patient that trusts HelpAround with their health and their privacy. HelpAround’s ability to understand each of our patients throughout their journey enables engagement opportunities that improve adherence, affordability, and outcomes.”

HelpAround Results: Increased Engagement and Retention Rate

By focusing on relevant and timely messages, HelpAround increased its retention rate by 60%. They also boosted their app engagement rate by 55%.

Final Thoughts

In summary, HelpAround provides highly-relevant and personalized experiences to its customers. HelpAround is also able to adapt their patient concierge service to each individual patient without sacrificing patient privacy or data security. If you want to learn more about our last-mile patient services, please fill out the form below.