Post-Rx Activation

Activate your new patients

Before the Hub

30-60% of patients never reach the hub. Bridge the abandonment gap with Post-Rx Activation.


Post-Rx Activation?

Post-Rx Activation identifies, consents, and enrolls NBRx patients within 24 hours of the prescription being written, increasing speed to therapy by 5x. We partner with market access, patient services, and marketing teams to expedite and optimize the therapy onboarding process.

Increase Patient Volumes

Our proprietary partnerships with EHR, affordability, and access vendors provide untapped sources of new, qualified prescriptions. We aggregate and provide a steady stream of new-to-brand patients without requiring individual contracts for each channel.

Gain Actionable Insights

Our reporting and dashboarding tools provide real-time data on where each patient is in their therapy journey. We identify points of friction and abandonment risks, allowing you to intervene exactly when it matters most.

Close Data Gaps

Whether it is missing insurance details or unsigned consent, our omnichannel platform leverages SMS, Emails and mobile web to effortlessly capture missing information at the click of a button.

RxWare's Post-Rx
Activation Platform

Vendor Agnostic

Flexibility is our middle name. We connect with your existing vendors to ensure a seamless transition for patients

Cross Platform

Whether you have API, SMS, or carrier pigeon, our analytics work on whatever platform your journey runs on.

Easy Integrations

Tech Whiz or Technophobe, our customer success team walks you through the entire process from kick-off through launch.


At the clinic, on the go, or at home, we reach the patient wherever they are via the channel that works the best for them.

Fully Customizable

With easy-to-use SMS and Mobile Web templates, you can ensure your patient experience looks and feels exactly how you want it to.

Built for Scale

Designed from the ground up to handle nearly infinite data points separately and distinctly across millions of users.

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