Beyond the App: HelpAround and ConnectiveRx Transform Specialty Patient Connectivity Through Mobile

Our mission at HelpAround has always been to make patients’ lives easier, and this vision just took another major step forward. HelpAround and ConnectiveRx announced a partnership that makes it easier for specialty brands to provide patients access to the resources and actions they need on the device they always have – their mobile phone.

The Announcement

ConnectiveRx has announced a strategic partnership in HelpAround, simplifying the navigation and management of specialty medications for patients. You can read more about the relationship here.

What this announcement means

One key aspect to HelpAround is our turnkey connectivity to the specialty drug ecosystem. Our partnership with ConnectiveRx is one exciting example of how our connections turn into more strategic partnerships as together we bring innovative mobile solutions to patients and brands. 

What the future holds

We continue to develop the best turnkey patient connectivity in the specialty pharmaceutical ecosystem, helping patients get on therapy and stay on therapy. From prescribers to hubs to specialty pharmacies, HelpAround connects the patient in a secure, reliable way so they can understand their whole journey, regardless of what vendors are involved. Stay tuned for more announcements!


Not all patients want an app. But they are on mobile, and they need to stay on top of their treatment. ConnectiveRx and IQVIA are just two examples of our strategic relationships that allow us to say: “Easy for patients, easy for brands.”

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