The Patient Journey Tech Stack: 10 Predictions for 2023

The complexity of demands on Market Access teams has increased in recent years, between introducing innovative therapies targeting smaller populations and higher bars from Payers and PBMs.

As a result, manufacturers are finally taking ownership of their patient journey technology stack. Their willingness to absorb painful system integration cycles have brought many to the conclusion that patient support services technologies should not and cannot be relegated to one-off patient-support vendors.

What will happen:

  1. In-sourcing the patient journey tech stack: Drug manufacturers will continue to bring their patient customer relationship management (CRM) software under their own roof. Manufacturers who had to rely on their hub’s CRM, for instance, are gradually transitioning the CRM in-house, often while maintaining the same contractor. Expect Salesforce to remain a dominant player.
  2. Patient Services teams will demand tech stack flexibility: With new types of therapies coming to market (e.g. gene therapies), manufacturers will accelerate their hunt for flexible technologies that can support a wide variety of use cases. Consider a family whose loved one was prescribed gene replacement therapy. They must identify a treatment center, then coordinate travel, post-procedure support, and other patient services. Paired with a friendly user experience, the right technology can ease the entire family’s logistical and emotional rollercoaster.
  3. Manufacturers will uninstall patient-support apps: According to a 2021 survey by, 79 percent of users will abandon a transaction when they’re forced to download an app. This trend is reinforced when dealing with the sickest patients. [1] As one Pharma exec told us: “A patient has stage-4 cancer and we are asking them to download an app?!?” Further, the app user experience is now readily available as a template for mobile Safari and Chrome. This liberates the manufacturer from the need to invest in app development, and enables them to focus on moments of value creation along the journey.

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