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Specialty pharma’s next big opportunity: it’s time for Patient Access to adopt an open protocol

An inflection point now faces the specialty pharmaceutical industry. Along their journey, specialty pharma patients interact with a series of siloed institutions: clinics, specialty pharmacies, copay program vendors, patient assistance programs, nurses, etc. Not unlike the financial industry, these institutions still exchange patient information via fax machines. … Read More

As Apple rolls out medication tracking to all iPhones, pharma must embrace connectivity

Imagine visiting your doctor’s office. Instead of swiping a co-pay card and filling out a paper form by hand, the receptionist says, “Please bring your phone closer. We take Apple Health here.” You wave your iPhone over a digital kiosk, instantly uploading your current medical record and insurance information. Your co-pay is then deducted from a Health Savings Account. Voila! The doctor will see you now. … Read More

Meet the Disruptors: Yishai Knobel of HelpAround On The Five Things You Need To Shake Up Your Industry

Our founder, Yishai Knobel was recently interviewed by Fotis Georgiadis, a staff writer for Authority Magazine, a Medium publication, devoted to sharing in-depth, and interesting interviews, featuring people who are authorities in Business, Pop Culture, Wellness, Social Impact, and Tech. … Read More

In the current venture climate, tech for pharma is recession-proof

Among the world’s top 20 pharmaceutical companies, ranked according to their 2021 revenue, 19 generate most of their sales from specialty medicines. Overall, 55 percent of pharmaceutical revenues are driven by specialty drugs. This basic fact about how prescription drug companies make money is mostly lost on the general public, but is instructive for understanding how the entire industry works, and why it is relatively recession-proof. … Read More

Beyond DocuSign: How to Upgrade Specialty Drug Patients to a First-class Experience

Imagine booking a luxury international vacation. A dedicated concierge arranges your hotels, your travel arrangements, and your daily itinerary. You barely lift a finger. … Read More

For specialty treatments, collaborative platforms are the future

The specialty patient journey is currently at a major inflection point—and where this all lands will intrigue anyone drawn to the remarkable rise of digital collaboration platforms.  … Read More

What makes for a unicorn in the Rx value chain? Part 1: CoverMyMeds

Over the past ten years, retail Rx networks have matured and the winners have emerged.  As we look forward to the next five to ten years, and as specialty drugs emerge as the dominant category,  the question arises whether the specialty … Read More

Shifts in $283B specialty pharma market present big opportunities

Within the $283 billion specialty pharma market, one critical but inefficient niche – specialty patient services –  has become an open target for disruption. A reckoning looms in 2022 for the beleaguered patient services sector, as two competing and unsustainable … Read More

Top Takeaways from the 2020 HUB, SPP & eServices Conference

The 2020 HUB, SPP, eServices Conference was no less informative in its COVID-19 friendly digital format.  And of all the conferences this season, this one touches on more areas where technology and connectivity can make significant impact on the patient … Read More

Beyond the App: HelpAround and ConnectiveRx Transform Specialty Patient Connectivity Through Mobile

Our mission at HelpAround has always been to make patients’ lives easier, and this vision just took another major step forward. HelpAround and ConnectiveRx announced a partnership that makes it easier for specialty brands to provide patients access to the … Read More