The Gateway to Specialty Patient Journey

Our founder, Yishai Knobel was recently featured on the Digital Health Community Podcast at Persimmon.

To quote from the podcasts description:

This week’s episode, features Yishai Knobel. Yishai is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of RxWare (Formerly HelpAround), a patient journey solution startup that offers pharma manufacturers a “vendor-neutral digital infrastructure” to optimize and accelerate the complete patient journey. 

Yishai is a serial entrepreneur with over a decade of healthcare industry experience. Yishai describes RxWare as an enterprise gateway for medication producers that connects the entire specialty patient journey in this informative podcast. Among many other topics, he also discusses the advent of IT giants into the healthcare industry, the future of digital patient experience, customer adoption, omni-channels, and product market fit.

Listen to the full podcast at Persimmon Podcasts.

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