Jennifer Lichtman on the Changing World of Patient Services

Jennifer Lichtman has built a towering career in the service of one passionate goal: helping patients access and adhere to specialty medications. After more than two decades working on the services side of pharma, including an 18-year run at Covance, Jennifer is now supporting patients from a different perch, as the VP of Market Access and Patient Services at Acadia Pharmaceuticals

We’re delighted to welcome Jennifer to our Specialty Patient Podcast, where she shares insights about the keys to success in the ever-changing market of pharma. Our engaging discussion with this industry leader includes:

  • Why the theme of connection has defined Jennifer’s career, and what that looks like across different audiences
  • The biggest shifts that Jennifer is seeing in the pharma market
  • The two things that have helped Jennifer achieve her goals this year
  • Jennifer’s advice to those who are just getting started in pharma
  • Why Jennifer has broadened her focus from helping customers succeed to helping her team thrive  
  • How Jennifer keeps herself sharp in a cutting edge business

Join us! Click below for a lively exchange around navigating a career in patient services. 


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