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PatientSupport.api™ Guide

Build With Us! Connect to HelpAround’s PatientSupport.api to onboard your patient access vendors and programs into a cohesive, mobile-first patient journey. Request Developer Access HelpAround exposes a set of RESTful APIs to its partners with the goals of managing their patient … Read More

Mobile Messaging Cheat Sheet

Who This is For Mobile Program Designers for Patient Services, Hub Vendors, Copay Vendors, Specialty Pharmacies and anyone else trying to reach patients through mobile messaging. How It Can Help Start your legal review process with messages that have already … Read More

Mobile Patient Panel at Patient Support Services Congress

Key Takeaways from the Mobile Patient Panel at PSS Congress

How can we increase the utilization of pharma patient services? How can mobile patient engagement drive results? How can the three modalities of mobile – SMS, mobile web, and apps – be configured to address patient connectivity issues in every … Read More

New Faces at HelpAround

HelpAround is experiencing incredible growth as the specialty pharmaceutical industry adopts mobile connectivity. As a result, HelpAround has added two Industry veterans, Dr. Raeanna Lewarne (VP of Product) and Paul Ciccero (VP of Growth). Learn more about the two newest members of the leadership team. … Read More

Hello? Can Someone Help Me Please

Patient services have a meaningful impact on the lives of patients, but it goes without saying that these services are only useful if they are used. A new Accenture report reveals that over the past five years, little has changed to improve patient … Read More

Christine von Raesfeld on the Challenges and Opportunities Facing Specialty Patients

Apps are Ruining the Patient Experience

To app or not to app, that is the question. The pace of app development accelerates each year, spinning with unstoppable momentum. These days, everyone from your local gas station to the taco joint on the corner has an app. … Read More

Bil Daniels on Technology and Patient Services


Announcing Our “New” Brand

As our solutions become broader and more powerful, we’ve struggled to keep our branding relevant to our current and future audiences. Being innovative in a regulated, traditional industry sometimes makes it hard to cut through all the hype around technology … Read More