Breaking Down Barries in the Specialty Patient Journey with Yishai Knobel

Our founder, Yishai Knobel was recently featured on the Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda where he talked all things specialty and how the HelpAround gateway is helping patients get their drugs faster and stay on therapy longer.

Yishai explains, “What we did is basically connect all these silos and create a gateway in the middle that basically gets the right information from all the vendors and makes sure that it is served to the patient in a way that is appropriate and manageable and consumable and actionable. For example, if the patient leaves the office, some of these vendors are not allowed to reach out to the patient until they have a consent signature from the patient that says, “Yes, I’m willing for the pharma company and their proxies to reach out to me.” Collecting that consent at the right time is a critical step.”

“Just really automating and digitizing a lot of this experience, and meeting the patients where they are, which is literally on their phone, on the go, in a very high-quality personalized experience. Not requiring them to download an app, not requiring them to go through hoops in order to just sign a few forms. Just making it very easy, click, click, click, and check all the boxes you need to check and get on with your life.”

Listen to the full podcast at Empowered Patient Radio.

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